Nginx t-shirts

Cliff Wells cliff at
Tue Jun 17 03:20:29 MSD 2008

Sorry if this gets sent twice, the first time I failed to scale one of
the images down and didn't notice it was 500K until I'd sent it.
Hopefully it just got dropped :P


A friend of mine is starting up a screen-printing business and I've
convinced him that creating Nginx t-shirts should be his first order of
business =)

At this point I've got one completed design (attached) and another less
um... militant one in the works (which I'll post later once it's
finalized - it's a retroish sputnik logo).

Anyway, there's no online shop as of yet, so if you want one, email me
directly (not the list!) with your size and shipping address.  The cost
is $20USD and $5 from each sale will be donated back to Igor.  I'll
provide payment info at the time of the request (PayPal, check).

Incidentally, the image itself is Creative Commons licensed, so feel
free to use it.  Attribution appreciated but not required.

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