Nginx t-shirts

Aleksandar Lazic al-nginx at
Tue Jun 17 12:34:25 MSD 2008

On Mon 16.06.2008 16:20, Cliff Wells wrote:
>Sorry if this gets sent twice, the first time I failed to scale one of
>the images down and didn't notice it was 500K until I'd sent it.
>Hopefully it just got dropped :P

Coool ;-))

Maybe the association with the war ship is not everybodys flavor but I
like it, I hope Igor also.

>A friend of mine is starting up a screen-printing business and I've
>convinced him that creating Nginx t-shirts should be his first order of
>business =)
>At this point I've got one completed design (attached) and another less
>um... militant one in the works (which I'll post later once it's
>finalized - ???it's a retroish sputnik logo).
>Anyway, there's no online shop as of yet, so if you want one, email me
>directly (not the list!) with your size and shipping address.  The cost
>is $20USD and $5 from each sale will be donated back to Igor.  I'll
>provide payment info at the time of the request (PayPal, check).

That's a good motivation to buy one.


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