godaddy chained certs issue

Cliff Wells cliff at
Tue Jun 17 23:39:01 MSD 2008

On Tue, 2008-06-17 at 11:58 -0700, mike wrote:
> I will also have to use chained certs once I switch over some work
> servers to nginx (not via Godaddy though, but through GeoTrust I
> think)
> So if there's any gotchas, putting it on the wiki would be good. I've
> done it in Lighttpd and I was able to help someone get their Apache
> install working with it too, but nginx I have not tried yet.

I've gotten it working for other domains without much issue.  It makes
me suspect there's something wrong with these certs, but the fact that
it works under Apache is rather disconcerting.

> On 6/16/08, Cliff Wells <cliff at> wrote:
> > I'm having an issue getting a Godaddy chained cert working.  It works fine under Apache.

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