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Igor Sysoev is at rambler-co.ru
Wed Jun 18 22:52:23 MSD 2008

On Wed, Jun 18, 2008 at 02:10:37PM -0400, J Davis wrote:

> I'm trying to figure out why my nginx access log timestamps are an hour
> behind the actual time.
> I've confirmed that the "date" and "hwclock" commands both return the proper
> values on the system and that the timezone is correct but the timestamps in
> the nginx logs are all an hour off.
> I realize this may not be an Nginx problem but I'm not sure how else to
> narrow down the possibilities.
> Any insights are greatly appreciated.
> RedHat el5  - 2.6.18-8.el5
> nginx/0.6.29

This may be incorrectly set daylight saving time offset.
Could you show last line from access log and output of



    date -u


Igor Sysoev

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