one directory with 500 000 files (5-8mb each)

Jonathan Dance jd at
Sat Jun 21 20:48:16 MSD 2008

In my experience, ext3 does not handle 500,000 files in one directory very
well. This is not nginx but instead a limitation of the filesystem. I am not
sure if there is a filesystem you could use which handles this problem well.
Regardless, I would recommend you break up the files into subdirectories.
You can segment files by filename or, if the files are number-based,
numerically. For instance, say you had stock symbols:

Put each in a directory based on its first letter then second letter, e.g.:


JD / wuputah

On Sat, Jun 21, 2008 at 7:18 AM, Ss Ss <lists at> wrote:

> Please, Could you tell me.
> I will have server with nginx (OS centos +php) and one directory with
> 500 000 files (5-8mb each). Nginx would give files to other web server.
> Would i have problem in my case?
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