request_time much slower than upstream_response_time

Rt Ibmer rtibmx at
Sun Jun 22 05:36:15 MSD 2008

Some quick additional information I wanted to add on this issue:

- As I continue to research this more I am seeing even greater disparities than I originally reported.  For instance in some cases the upstream response was just 0.011 sec while the request_time was a whopping 1.4 sec.

- This more I look at this the more the problem seems specific to SSL connections. I am using a wildcard cert in case that should make any difference.  Just a guess but maybe there is a blocking condition like only one SSL connection can be negotiated at a time across all incoming requests?  I'm only handling an average of 3 req/sec so its hard to imagine the load itself is playing a factor, but perhaps some concurrent issue here?

- In my last message I noted the times like 0.015 ms - I did not mean ms those times are actually in seconds (from the nginx log) not ms.

- As a side note, we are not really passing sensitive information that has to be protected by high end SSL.  However since we are called from within our user's web sites that use SSL, we must answer in SSL if called with because otherwise they would get a mixed content security warning. But if there is a faster ssl algorithm we just need something quick and dirty to make it a valid ssl connection. 



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