one directory with 500 000 files (5-8mb each)

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Sun Jun 22 23:52:13 MSD 2008

Aleksandar Lazic wrote:
> On Son 22.06.2008 01:08, Dan M wrote:
>>I am guessing ReiserFS could do quite well - it was designed to handle
>>huge numbers of files. What about others? XFS? Would be interesting to
>>know why so many files need to be in one directory as well...
> maybe this post can help.
> Aleks

We can see that data reading perfomance doesnt depend of number of 
folders. (but depends of number of files)
am I  wright?

But if we need to open only 20% of all directories at a time. if we have 
10 directory and need to open only two of them. So loading will be less 
- number of files will be less.
If we have on directory and open it once and read all files loading will 
be higher.
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