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Stephen Nelson-Smith sanelson at gmail.com
Tue Jun 24 15:17:00 MSD 2008

Igor Sysoev wrote:
>> In terms of handing off http connections, does nginx benefit most from
>> plenty of RAM or again, is the guideline to go for a proliferation of
>> cores?
> If you will use nginx as proxy only, then you do not need plenty of RAM.
> If yor use it for static files, then RAM may be used for OS VM cache.

Right.  In this case I will not be serving any content, only terminating 
SSL connections and passing off http requests to a pool of tomcat servers.

So I could go with eg 2G RAM and spend the rest  of the money of faster 
quad core chips.

Incidentally, can.worms.open(at the moment, what's to choose between the 
Intel quad cores and the AMDs?)

Our procurement is always through Dell, so it's a fairly simple set of 


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