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Stephen Nelson-Smith sanelson at gmail.com
Wed Jun 25 10:31:45 MSD 2008


>> Incidentally, can.worms.open(at the moment, what's to choose between the
>> Intel quad cores and the AMDs?)
> I'd probably go for pentium for a server, amd for home. From what I
> understand, you've got a few more options for extra compilation params when
> it comes to pentiums, and you can compile with pgcc for that extra
> performance boost (mainly seen when compiling larger software like mysql).

For me it boils down to being able to afford either 2 x quad core AMD
or 1 x quad core Intel.  The intel chips are faster, and probably
better for a machine with less RAM, but the machines are single
socket, so I could only get 4 cores in total.



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