nginx + windows integrated auth/ntlm/ldap/etc/etc

mike mike503 at
Thu Jun 26 11:38:27 MSD 2008

Igor, et al:

Anyone here know the internals of an XP-based network (running the
newer Active Directory-like LDAP stuff, not the old style samba domain
controller stuff) and if it would be easy to support it in nginx?

I'd love to be able to role model nginx inside of our enterprise
environment as well as externally, and what better way than to have it
support IE's built-in authentication (I don't know the exact specifics
and what to call it) - I think Firefox supports it too (it prompts you
once with an HTTP auth dialog, but then seems to remember that)

It's some challenge response mechanism. It would require nginx to
speak to a domain controller (basically I think perl's Authen::SMB at
one time worked) - I don't know if it speaks LDAP nowadays strictly or
what; someone knowledgable with the protocol would need to be involved
to make sure it was implemented correctly...

Just thought I'd bring it up. Maybe someone has some ideas. It's
another item on my wishlist that I'd be willing to sponsor $$ wise...


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