[ANN] WSGI module 0.0.6

Manlio Perillo manlio_perillo at libero.it
Mon Mar 3 22:34:21 MSK 2008

I'm pleased to announce the release of the WSGI module for nginx, 
version 0.0.6.

The WSGI module is an implementation of the Python Web Server Gateway 
Interface v1.0 (http://python.org/dev/peps/pep-0333/) for the Nginx server.

The module is available only via a Mercurial repository at:

Here is a changelog:

   - Bug fix: configuration problem on Mac OS X.

   - Added support for nginx 0.5.34, and dropped support for older

     Note: older version are only supported via patches.
   - Added wsgi_optimize_send_headers directive.

     WSGI spec requires that the headers must be sent when the first
     not empty string is yielded, however sending headers early can
     optimize content generation.

   - Added experimental support for interpreter finalization.

     This will ensure that sys.exitfunc is called.
   - Variables declared with wsgi_var directive can override HTTP_

     It can be useful, as an example, to override HTTP_COOKIE with:

        wsgi_var HTTP_COOKIE  $http_cookie;

     since the $http_cookie variable combines multiple Cookie headers.
   - Renamed the wsgi_params directive to wsgi_var.

     wsgi_param was a poor choice, since parameters are a concept used
     by FastCGI.

     This revision breaks compatibility.
   - Added the wsgi_allow_ranges directive, for integrated support to
     partial HTTP requests.
   - Added the ngx_wsgitest.py script, that executes a WSGI application
     in a testing environment.
   - Added the ngx_wsgiref.py script, that runs a WSGI application
     using the builtin wsgiref server, with a command line compatibile
     with ngx_wsgi.py.
   - Added the ngx_wsgi.py script, for rapid deployment of WSGI
     applications using nginx and mod_wsgi.
   - Added wsgi_middleware directive.

     This directive enables middleware stacking in mod_wsgi.
   - Removed the callable_object and the wsgi_alias directives, and
     added a new wsgi_pass directive.

     The new directive is more consistent with other nginx modules like
     mod_fastcgi and mod_proxy.

     This revision breaks compatibility.

Manlio Perillo

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