Can fastcgi_index be used with multiple filenames?

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Sat Mar 8 11:00:03 MSK 2008

On Sat, Mar 08, 2008 at 02:28:52AM -0500, Ian M. Evans wrote:

> Switching over to fastcgi php...
> We use parse both .php and .shtml as php files. From looking at the 
> syntax for fastcgi_index it looks like just one filename can follow it, 
> e.g.:
> fastcgi_index index.shtml;
> but can it be
> fastcgi_index index.shtml index.php;


The problem is that if fastcgi is on remote server, nginx does not what
index file should be choosed for ".../". See $fastcgi_script_name variable

If php root and static root are the same, then you can use following:

    location / {
        index   index.shtml   index.php;
        # static

    location \.(php|shtml)$ {
        fastcgi_pass  ...
        # fastcgi_index is not needed here at all

When nginx finds index.shtml or index.php in "location /", it does
internal redirect and request will be processed in "location \.(php|shtml)$".

Igor Sysoev

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