Can fastcgi_index be used with multiple filenames?

Aleksandar Lazic al-nginx at
Sat Mar 8 13:24:08 MSK 2008


On Sam 08.03.2008 05:01, Ian M. Evans wrote:
> Igor Sysoev wrote:
>> If php root and static root are the same, then you can use following:
>>     location / {
>>         index   index.shtml   index.php;
>>         # static
>>     }
>>     location \.(php|shtml)$ {
>>         fastcgi_pass  ...
>>         # fastcgi_index is not needed here at all
>>     }
> I guess I should never do config changes at 4:42 AM! Luckily, I can
> just "cp oldconfig nginx.conf" and -HUP and the site's back and
> running while I tweak some more.
> Currently anything that's not a static file gets passed to an Apache
> backend and run as a PHP file.
> So index.php, index.shtml and even extensionless files are PHP
> files. For example, /galleries/123/1 is a php file called galleries
> that works with the /123/1 path info.

Maybe this help you, what I have seen yesterday was:

index index.php;

and a request like 'GET / ...' have not called index.php, after I have
changed to

index /index.php;

everything was fine.



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