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If this should be taken off the list (as it contains PHP), I can be emailed directly at philip.ratzsch at .  If so, I apologize.

>e.g. /galleries gives the user a main menu...
>/galleries/[num] gives them an event (like a film festival)
>/galleries/[num]/[num] gives them a subevent listing (like a premiere 
>photo listing at a film festival)
>and /galleries/[num]/[num]/[num] gives them a specific photo.

Granted it's late, so I may be off the mark, but it sounds to me like something like this may work on the backend:

$a = explode('/',$_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']); // break apart the URI on '/'
array_shift($a); // the first element will be null, so dump it
$i = array_search('gallery',$a); //find where 'gallery' occurs in the array
$inc = $i; // set up for the loop
while( $inc >= $i) // knock off elements until all that's left is the stuff after 'gallery'

If you ran '/gallery/222/33' through this, you should be left with an array containing elements '222' and '33', which you could then use to assemble the path to the file you want to serve.  This might be handy as it's immune to variable length URIs like you mentioned.

Is this what you were looking for Ian?
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