another redirect

Eire Angel chrisangileri at
Sun Mar 9 18:30:05 MSK 2008

they way it made sense to me,  is using

if ($host = '' ) {
   rewrite  ^/(.*)$  permanent;

but does nothing 

i also tries using the if sequence for
with no luck as well
am i missing something.  like 6th grade .. :)
Corey Donohoe <atmos at> wrote: On 3/8/08, Eire Angel  wrote:
> i have exhausted my resources on this one.  please help
> if your able.
> i am moving to a new site.  the old site has some
> good standing in google which points to
> now, the new site which is in rails
> loads this page at
> is there anyway to have nginx
> redirect this and also change its path on the way ?

The rewrite module does an ok job.

Corey Donohoe

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