10% 500 Errors

James Golick jamesgolick at gmail.com
Mon Mar 10 16:12:35 MSK 2008

I have nginx running as a proxy to about twelve upstream app servers,
serving a rails app. Nothing else really in this configuration.

I am seeing about 10% of requests throwing 500 errors, and this in my error

2008/03/10 08:41:05 [info] 6632#0: *12005 client closed prematurely
connection while sending response to client, client: xxx, server: xxx,
request: xxx, host: xxx, referrer: xxx

I'm also seeing lots of:

client xxx closed keepalive connection

but that strikes me as normal, and I'm seeing:

client closed prematurely connection while reading client request line,
client: xxx, server: xxx

I have googled far and wide, and the best answers I came up with were to add
these lines to my conf:

proxy_ignore_client_abort  on;
proxy_next_upstream error;

but, that doesn't seem to have solved the problem.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.
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