10% 500 Errors

James Golick jamesgolick at gmail.com
Mon Mar 10 16:40:01 MSK 2008

Yeah, I don't think it's mongrel, as they're all started the identical way
(thru a process monitor).

Also, every time I get the error, I see one of those issues in the nginx
error.log. But, I guess it still could be happening upstream....

I will test them all and report back.

On Mon, Mar 10, 2008 at 9:29 AM, Phillip B Oldham <
phill at theactivitypeople.co.uk> wrote:

>  I was seeing something similar with PHP5 fastcgi and lighttpd, though it
> was a lot more than 10% - maybe 25-50. I'm getting a little worried as I
> think I may be seeing the same thing at around 5-10% with nginx.
> During my investigations into why this was happening in lighttpd, I came
> across the following paragraph in the mod_fcgi docs:
> Adds a MaxRequestsPerProcess parameter that allows mod_fcgid to exit after
> handling a certain number of requests, similar to the existing
> ProcessLifeTime option.
> This solves a problem with PHP in FastCGI mode. By default, PHP stops
> accepting new FastCGI connections after handling 500 requests;
> unfortunately, there is a potential race condition during the PHP cleanup
> code in which PHP can be shutting down but still have the socket open, so
> mod_fcgid under heavy load can send request number 501 to PHP and have it
> "accepted", but then PHP appears to simply exit, causing errors.
> Not too sure if your rails app/mongrel is restarting processes after a set
> limit and coming across the same race condition?
> If this problem is could become aparent in nginx it would be great if
> there was a plugin to spawn and manage fcgi threads which could limit the
> number of connections to each backend.
> HTH.
> Phill
> James Golick wrote:
> I have nginx running as a proxy to about twelve upstream app servers,
> serving a rails app. Nothing else really in this configuration.
> I am seeing about 10% of requests throwing 500 errors, and this in my
> error log:
> 2008/03/10 08:41:05 [info] 6632#0: *12005 client closed prematurely
> connection while sending response to client, client: xxx, server: xxx,
> request: xxx, host: xxx, referrer: xxx
> I'm also seeing lots of:
> client xxx closed keepalive connection
> but that strikes me as normal, and I'm seeing:
> client closed prematurely connection while reading client request line,
> client: xxx, server: xxx
> I have googled far and wide, and the best answers I came up with were to
> add these lines to my conf:
> proxy_ignore_client_abort  on;
> proxy_next_upstream error;
> but, that doesn't seem to have solved the problem.
> Any ideas?
> Thanks in advance.
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