Nginx and subdomains (and dyndns)

Fernando Perez lists at
Wed Mar 12 03:32:06 MSK 2008

kingler wrote:

> what do you mean didn't work?
What an idiot I am! I wasn't paying enough attention to the error 
message spit by nginx when testing the configuration file.

I simply had to increase server_names_hash_bucket_size to 64, because as 
Igor said in another topic, if one of the server_name is longer than 27 
chars (or something like that), then you need to do so.

Thanks for asking me why it didn't work.

I still have a little iffty nifty problem:

I am using the Citadel mail server. It has a web application that can be 
accessed securely or not. I'd like to access securely. When I setup the 
SSL way, I get the following error message:
"No required SSL certificate was sent"

When directly accessing the secure interface without passing through 
nginx it works. Accessing it using regular http work through nginx.

I have Monit with its secure web interface and going through nginx, I 
get the SSL certificate and can login with no problem.

Concerning Citadel, whose fault is it? Nginx? Citadel? Both?

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