Problems with fastcgi php migration

Ian M. Evans ianevans at
Wed Mar 12 12:55:32 MSK 2008

Sigh...I hate it when a missed step gets in the way of real debugging.
So ignore most of my last my cutting and pasting I forgot to 
add the fastcgi_pass after the new parameter changes.

So with that error corrected and out of the way, I created a 
/testgalleries file that was just phpinfo()

Here are the results:

URL: /testgalleries
the URL gave a 404 error

URL: /testgalleries/
SCRIPT_FILENAME: $document_root/testgalleries/ <- note slash.
PATH_INFO:/testgalleries with no trailing slash. Should be /

URL: /testgalleries/30/1/1
SCRIPT_FILENAME: $document_root/testgalleries/30/1/1 Should be 
PATH_INFO: /testgalleries  Should be /30/1/1

Igor Sysoev wrote:

> /galleries             $document_root/galleries            -
> /galleries/            $document_root/galleries            /
> /galleries/30/1/1      $document_root/galleries            /30/1/1

So it appears there's still an issue with script_filename and path_info. 
Not sure if the cgi.fix-pathinfo=0 was the right fix. Your previous 
suggestion had everything running smoothly and the only stumbling block 
was getting it to run properly if a visitor adds a trailing slash.

Thanks again for all your help. I know we're 99.9% on the way to being 
100% nginx. :-)

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