Benchmarking Nginx on a prehistoric PIII 500

Thomas iamkenzo at
Thu Mar 13 00:16:14 MSK 2008

Hi list,

After installing and configuring Nginx, I am now in the phase of
making some benchmarking.

My test server is a Pentium III 500 with 384MB of Sdram. Running
Ubuntu 7.10 and Nginx 0.5.26 from package. I also installed Apache 2
for comparison.

The test command is:
httperf --server localhost --port 80 --uri / --num-conns 100

When requesting a static file (a simple hello world with the xhtml
header), I get:
Nginx: 750 req/s (deviation pretty even)
Apache2: 760req/s (deviation: 600-800)

When accessing Redmine's index login page, I get:
Nginx+thin (2 servers): 30req/s
Mongrel (1 instance): 30req/s

Do you think these are reasonable figures for my computer? I'd like to
know if my current setup is "optimal", well you know what I mean.

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