Problems with fastcgi php migration

Ian M. Evans ianevans at
Thu Mar 13 18:37:37 MSK 2008


Hadn't noticed that in the:

if ($uri ~ ^/(?:.+/)?(testgalleries|galleries|poll|news|photos)(/.*)) {

you had changed:

set  $script_name  $1; to set  $script_name  /$1;

Made that change...still no go.

Added "test" to the file list above. Tossed nothing into it except for 
<?php phpinfo(); ?>

Going to /subdir/subdir/test showed the phpinfo.

/subdir/subdir/test/ and /subdir/subdir/test/1 both showed nothing.

In all three cases though, the access log showed 200s, no 404s.

I'm staring at all the regexes and can't see how we've got
/galleries, /galleries/, and /galleries/24/1/1 all working fine but this 
new regex is working on /subdir/subdir/photos but tripping up on 
/subdir/subdir/photos/ and /subdir/subdir/photos/1

Again, thanks for nginx and all the help. I'm moving fast on this 
because one of the ad networks will be featuring us soon and I'd love to 
be 100% nginx by then.

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