Benchmarking Nginx on a prehistoric PIII 500

Thomas iamkenzo at
Fri Mar 14 00:36:07 MSK 2008

Thanks a bunch Denis!

I'll dive into your files tomorrow.

Personally what I would do is actually test against a "real webpage",
i.e: I will create a webpage with text, images, and css and hammer
that page as much as I can. My first tests with nginx showed that I
get the same performance serving my hello world page or a page that
has the nginx logo (200kg jpg) on 10000 connections with 1000
concurrency, with cpu load of 50%.

We should create a template page, and test against it. For instance we
could use the nginx index page ( as a reference,
it has text and images.

Also you may note that the design of your pages can greatly affect the
performance: some webpages require 50 requests, and some leaner pages
only take 15. I won't even talk about pages loaded with js and

I'd like to know: if my cpu load is only 50% and the number of
requests starts to drop: where is (are) my bottleneck(s)?

Best regards,

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