Benchmarking Nginx on a prehistoric PIII 500

Denis Arh denis at
Fri Mar 14 09:50:58 MSK 2008

> >
> > Yes, I could do the tests again, removing all disturbing factors (another
> > machine for the benchmarking tool, dedicated box for both of them), but
> > this would only create a perfect conditions for all of the tested software
> > and I'm positive that this would not do anything else than raise the final
> > numbers by same factor for all.
> >
> I seriously doubt that VMWare (or any other hypervisor) scales performance
> down uniformly, its influence is far more complex. And regardless whether
> I'll come out right or wrong, a good test must not leave doubts.

Well.. for now I have no other means to do the tests in any other
environment. If anyone is willing to re-run them on XEN (or anything
else for that matter) or on dedicated HW, I am looking forward to
compare the results

Denis Arh

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