issue on packaging nginx

Cherife Li cherife at
Wed Mar 19 09:09:52 MSK 2008

On 03/19/08 13:58, Cherife Li wrote:
> Hi, all,
> While building nginx package for Slackware linux, I found that I can't 
> make the
> 'install' command to install things into the desired directory. That's 
> to say,
>   make install DESTDIR
> was of no effect.
> I found this is controlled in the SRC/objs/Makefile file. But I'm not 
> good at reworking
> the Makefile.
> Could Igor check this and fix it, please?
> Or, is there any good suggestion?
> Thanks in advance.
Besides, how can I control the installation dir of html files?
I didn't got an option of ./configure for that.


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