Migrating to Nginx and .htaccess files

Drazen Milosevic dmilosevic at it.verat.net
Wed Mar 19 12:19:32 MSK 2008

Hi everyone,

I have a shared hosting server with Apache curently running. I want to migrate 
to Nginx for static files and have Apache (for now) serving only the dynamic 
PHP pages in the background listening on the

Everything works great, the only thing I have problem with is 
existing .htaccess files wich my clients are using.
Most of them are using it only for a simple deny,allow directives but I have a 
lot of them and I'm trying to think of the easiest and least painfull way 
to "transfer" their .htaccess files to Nginx.

I am sending this mail more as an search for an idea how would you solve this 

Thanks in advance.

Drazen Milosevic
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