Nginx upload progress module - large file upload stopped

Ben Blakley lists at
Thu Mar 20 20:34:44 MSK 2008


I've been using the Nginx Upload Progress Module as described here:

It's working really well. Although I just tried uploading a very large
file (nearly 1 GB which is under my client_max_body_size setting) and
after uploading almost 700 MB (which took about 4.5 hours), the upload
stopped. I checked the Nginx error log and it said the following:

2008/03/20 02:42:57 [notice] 19751#0: signal 17 (SIGCHLD) received
2008/03/20 02:42:57 [alert] 19751#0: worker process 19755 exited on
signal 11
2008/03/20 02:42:57 [notice] 19751#0: start worker process 19852
2008/03/20 02:42:57 [notice] 19751#0: signal 29 (SIGIO) received

Why would the worker process be shut down? Is there a max time limit on
requests/uploads? If so, can it be changed in the config file? Any help
or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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