php-fastcgi and memory leaks

Phillip B Oldham phill at
Tue Mar 25 14:48:13 MSK 2008

Thats interesting. A diff would be useful if you have one.

What's the best way to set these settings? At the moment I'm exporting 
them just before I use spawn-fcgi (from lighttpd), but even though I've 
set it to a low number (10) I don't think its being honoured. I'm 
running CentOS5, if that's any help.

If I can't find a suitable work-around for this I may have to switch to 
apache with php compiled in - something I don't really want to do as I'm 
finding working with nginx to be a great experience.

Reinis Rozitis wrote:
> Thats a common issue (at least for me). Although php leaks itself with 
> every version less there are still quite a bunch of extensions outside 
> that dont handle the memory bits the right way.
> As a workarround I use this patch 
> Its pretty old and made for php4 but with little tweaks you can apply 
> also to php5 (I could make a diff and throw in here). The basic idea 
> is you have an extra setting PHP_FCGI_MAX_RAM_MB - you can limit at 
> what memory usage the php child should handle the last request and die 
> (so the master process can spawn a new one - similar to 
> This solution is better because you dont accidently kill a process 
> which is in a middle of generating a response.
> rr
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>> Further to the email below, I'm still having problems with PHP5 fastcgi
>> and nginx. I'm finding that php slowly takes up 100% of the available
>> memory and starts to drop connections at around 70%. At the moment I've
>> got monit restarting the fastcgi processes when the memory usage hits
>> 70%, but this isn't optimal as the scripts I'm running shouldn't take
>> anywhere near that on a virtual server with 300MB dedicated ram.
>> I'm wondering whether anyone else has come across the same problem
>> running php5 fastcgi who has managed to find a fix or work-around?


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