php-fastcgi and memory leaks

Phillip B Oldham phill at
Mon Mar 31 16:47:07 MSD 2008

Grzegorz Nosek wrote:
> On Mon, Mar 31, 2008 at 01:28:22PM +0100, Phillip B Oldham wrote:
> Now that is strange. The parent process doesn't do almost anything.
> Maybe running under valgrind will provide some insight (though it is
> *SLOW*).
Actually, thats my error - they were jumping around a lot in `top`. `ps 
auxf` shows the parent process holding steady at 1.7%.
> In theory, no. In practice, who knows. It is PHP, after all ;)
> AFAIK, there is no possibility (apart from very nasty hacks) for
> extensions to cause _gradual_ increase in parent's memory usage.
> Does the parent process grow at the same rate?
Again, sorry. No, it stays steady. Just the children grow steadily.
> Is php-fcgi the only process that exhibits this behaviour? Maybe there's
> something wrong with your system libraries?
Nope, just PHP.
> Frankly, I have no idea. If you can reproduce the problem in a test
> environment, try running php under "valgrind --leak-check=full"
Thanks, I'll look into doing that. I've not used valgrind before, so 
should be fun!


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