mod_mogilefs for nginx was (A hardware question)

mike mike503 at
Fri May 2 02:12:12 MSD 2008

Someone posted this on MogileFS mailing list in reply to me -
basically an English paraphrase/working example of the Japanese
website. It still requires application level scripts to map the
incoming URL to a key though.


The same info can be found here:

I'm using this setup in production now for about 2 weeks and it works
very well! (Perlbal leaked too much memory). You do need nginx 0.6.27
or higher for this to work. It would be really nice if nginx would
support this directly by simply acting on the X-Reproxy-URL content
directly because there are issues with setting headers in the reproxy
situation currently. It would also be cool if it supported multiple
URL's and fallback if the first URL is not available (also a Perlbal
feature) i.e.

header["X-Reproxy-URL"] =


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