Fair Proxy Balancer

Matt Conway lists at ruby-forum.com
Mon May 5 20:21:49 MSD 2008

Grzegorz Nosek wrote:
> Please give the module a try and report any issues you might find.

This module works great, thanks for releasing it.  While validating its 
behavior, I noticed a few gotchas that I wasn't expecting, but I'm not 
sure if there is anything upstream_fair can do about it:

1) If a client performs a request which is long running, and then gets 
fed up with waiting and closes the connection, upstream_fair marks the 
backend process as idle even though it is still servicing the request - 
I guess it is monitoring the front side of the connection rather than 
the back side...?

2) If I have a long running request active on a mongrel, and nginx times 
it out (proxy_read_timeout defaults to 60s), the request is still 
running on the mongrel, but upstream_fair marks it as idle.

These gotchas can both cause upstream_fair to schedule requests on 
mongrels that are not actually idle when there are other idle ones 


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