Fair Proxy Balancer

Rt Ibmer rtibmx at yahoo.com
Tue May 6 19:12:24 MSD 2008

Thanks. Perhaps my needs are unique, but from my perspective what matters is how fast my upstreams are completing requests.  So for instance, if nginx is able to make a connection to upstream x and get a completed response back from it in 5ms, yet upstreams y and z take about 10ms, then I would want it to weight upstream x to get more requests.  That seems to be the bottom line for what should matter.  Unfortunately I am not grasping how your fair module's weighting works if not based on the overall time to serve a request.  In my case I will never be running at full capacity.  If there is an internal network issue that affects the connection/transmit time from nginx to a particular upstream, then I'd like that upstream to be penalized and get let traffic until the condition improves and it "proves itself" equally fast again.  Hope this makes sense...?

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