Need a php.ini to compare to mine

mike mike503 at
Wed May 7 22:09:32 MSD 2008

these are probably the most relevant...

; obscurity/testing
display_errors                          = On                    ;
display errors as part of output
error_reporting                         = E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE
expose_php                              = On                    ; puts
PHP in apache/server signature
log_errors                              = On
error_log                               = syslog
short_open_tag                          = On

cgi.fix_pathinfo                        = 1
engine                                  = On

then check your nginx and /var/log/* logs to see if anything is
reporting an issue

On 5/7/08, Todd HG <lists at> wrote:
> I am running the latest version of the development version of nginx on a
> Redhat ES 5 server, but I can only see a blank page when the site loads.
> The nginx config is correct, but it appears the problem could be a
> php.ini issue. I am running php 5.x.
> Could someone who is using PHP 5.x post their php.ini for me to compare
> to my own. I am still missing something, but I can't seem to track it
> down, and my time is limited to work on this issue. Any help is
> appreciated.
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