catchall domain with 0.6.30

Thomas Seifert thomas-lists at
Thu May 8 14:31:30 MSD 2008

Hey guys,

I'm trying to convert some virtual hosts to nginx currently and got it 
running side-by-side with the current webserver on another ip.
Now I'm trying to set up the catchall host as taken from the docs but 
I'm getting just an error message.
I must be doing something completely wrong, maybe you can point me at it.

My conf for that part is as follows:
    server {
        server_name     _ *;
        access_log      /var/log/nginx/catchall-access.log main;
        include /etc/nginx/phplocation.conf;

        location / {
            index index.html;
            root  /home/path/image-server;

And the error is the usual
server name "*" is invalid in /etc/nginx/nginx.conf:64

Any ideas?



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