Maybe a bug in Nginx 0.6.30 x86_64

François Battail fb at
Sun May 11 18:24:56 MSD 2008

François Battail <fb at ...> writes:

I confirm the bug an a q6600 running Ubuntu 8.04 x86_64 with 4 GB of ram. Same
settings, except that I need to use a large number of concurrent connections and

ab -k -c 5000 -n 10000000 http://localhost:8000/

Same bug: stack overflow because of recursive calls. May be it is linked to the
way ab works. Unable to reproduce this bug on my main computer because it's an
AMD X2 (working in 32 bits) with a fileno of 1024, so may be not enough stress...

Very strange since there's only one worker, no more idea for the moment.

Best regards.

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