[ANN] Enhanced Gentoo ebuilds for nginx 0.6.31

Adrian Perez adrianperez at udc.es
Wed May 14 04:10:28 MSD 2008

Nginx 0.6.31 ebuild for use with Gentoo and derivate distributions is
now available at the "connectical-contrib" overlay [1], with the
following improvements over the official Gentoo packaging:

 - USE=python enables building Manlio's WSGI module [2].
 - USE=scgi enables building Manlio's SCGI module (use with care!)
 - USE=addition enables building the bundled "addition" module
 - USE=perftools enables building the bundled Google perftools module
 - USE=gzip-static enables building the bundled precompression module

The following patched are applied when building:

 - Escaping of non-printable characters in log files [4].
 - Use "X-Forwarded-Host" instead of "Host" when proxying requests [5]
 - Fix stack overflow because of recursive calls [6]

Comments are welcome. Enjoy!

[1] http://code.connectical.com/overlay
[2] http://wiki.codemongers.com/NginxNgxWSGIModule
[3] http://wiki.codemongers.com/NginxNgxSCGIModule
[4] http://thread.gmane.org/gmane.comp.web.nginx.english/2986/focus=3039
[5] http://thread.gmane.org/gmane.comp.web.nginx.english/3332
[6] http://thread.gmane.org/gmane.comp.web.nginx.english/4949/focus=4955

Mozilla now runs on OpenBSD, but this has been reported as a bug
and should be fixed by next version.
        -- (Oscar Wilde)

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