[ANN] Enhanced Gentoo ebuilds for nginx 0.6.31

Manlio Perillo manlio_perillo at libero.it
Wed May 14 11:51:11 MSD 2008

Adrian Perez ha scritto:
> Nginx 0.6.31 ebuild for use with Gentoo and derivate distributions is
> now available at the "connectical-contrib" overlay [1], with the
> following improvements over the official Gentoo packaging:
>  - USE=python enables building Manlio's WSGI module [2].
>  - USE=scgi enables building Manlio's SCGI module (use with care!)
>  - USE=addition enables building the bundled "addition" module
>  - USE=perftools enables building the bundled Google perftools module
>  - USE=gzip-static enables building the bundled precompression module
> The following patched are applied when building:
>  - Escaping of non-printable characters in log files [4].
>  - Use "X-Forwarded-Host" instead of "Host" when proxying requests [5]
>  - Fix stack overflow because of recursive calls [6]
> Comments are welcome. Enjoy!

A few notes about my modules:
1) The WSGI module is not a "first class" module for Nginx.
    Usually you *don't* want the WSGI module inside you primary
    web server.
2) The SCGI module is not yet usable, since all the SCGI applications
    return the output response in the "parsed headers" format, and this
    is not yet recognized by the module (instead, it expect the output to
    be a full HTTP 1.x response).

By the way, if someone is interested I'm starting to write a CGI module 
(and, of course, in a very non orthodox way)!

Thanks for you work

Manlio Perillo

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