aggregating multiple upstream responses before finalizing the down stre am request

François Battail fb at
Fri May 16 20:24:30 MSD 2008

Daniel Chapiesky <dchapiesky at ...> writes:

> Still - the question remains... is it possible to have multiple upstream 
> requests for a given downstream request?

I believe it could be possible, but you will have to face with a very complex
problem: the HTTP scheme: request -> reply will be broken and Nginx is an 
asynchronous server so it's not so easy to manage errors when parallel requests
are evolved.
But you will not have to hack Nginx with a module but rather writing an
application using Nginx as a web server component...

Why don't you calculate a CRC on the old application server reply and log it
and then check (off line in batch mode) the request and the CRC with the new
application server, may be it would help to focus on problems and it's very easy
to do (an X-Header would do the job for example)?
So far, no more idea.

Best regards.

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