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Sat May 24 22:27:05 MSD 2008

Renaud Allard wrote:
> Denis S. Filimonov wrote:
>> I had the same problem some time ago.
>> The problem with this script is that it violates CGI specifications regarding 
>> POST requests. POSTed data must come to a CGI app from the standard input 
>> while this script parses the input and sets variables as if they came via a 
>> GET request, passing nothing to app's stdin. Thus, applications that follow 
>> specs strictly and expect POST data from stdin, fail.
>> I've modified the script to fix the problem, feel free to use it.
> Thanks, it works like a charm.

I too followed the same tutorial, however, when i try to run the script:

# perl /usr/bin/
[1] 17845
# bind/listen: No such file or directory

(I added & at the end because i use Bash).

Hints are much welcome.

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