Igor Sysoev is at
Mon May 26 13:41:27 MSD 2008

Changes with nginx 0.7.1                                         26 May 2008

    *) Change: now locations are searched in a tree.

    *) Change: the "optimize_server_names" directive was canceled due to 
       the "server_name_in_redirect" directive introduction.

    *) Change: some long deprecated directives are not supported anymore.

    *) Change: the "none" parameter in the "ssl_session_cache" directive; 
       now this is default parameter.
       Thanks to Rob Mueller.

    *) Bugfix: worker processes might not catch reconfiguration and log 
       rotation signals.

    *) Bugfix: nginx could not be built on latest Fedora 9 Linux.
       Thanks to Roxis.

Warning: the first change is important. Although I tested this version
on site with about 100 locations, there is a risk that a request may be
handled in a wrong location.

Игорь Сысоев

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