failover / fault-tolerant configurations

Pavel Georgiev pavel at
Tue May 27 19:16:22 MSD 2008

I`m using nginx as a load balances for 2 backend servers that run a php 
application. I need session awareness so I`ve enabled ip_hash for the 
upstream, but in case one node fails, all requests that should go to that 
node get the error_page.

Is there a way to have session awareness without loosing the redundancy that 2 
backend servers provide?

If not - it is planned to be implemented soon (as part of ip_hash or another 
module so that users can have the current functionality as well)? I`m 
guessing that many people would be happy to have session awareness that 
redirect requests to another node if the node that should handle the session 
dies (this will end the session which is better than seeing the error_page).

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