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Eire Angel chrisangileri at
Thu May 29 06:17:33 MSD 2008

Yes I am using one IP with multiple domains/certs
so depending on the server and if i can get another IP
I'm pretty certain Virtual servers can get more IP's w/o
adding hardware? 

"nginx cannot see the URL until the
handshake has been completed"

makes sense for customer security

Calomel <nginxlist at> wrote: Chris,

Are you using one ip address for multiple domain/ssl certs? If so, I
believe you may need to assign each cert to a separate ip.

Are you using a separate host names in one domain? You might need a
wild card certificate (*  There is a problem in that
nginx needs to see the request URL before deciding which cert to use
in the handshake.  However, nginx cannot see the URL until the
handshake has been completed.  See for more details. 

If you get it working or you have a different setup then send mail to
the list.

  Calomel @
  Open Source Research and Reference

On Wed, May 28, 2008 at 08:07:38AM -0700, Eire Angel wrote:
>   I just added a second SSL site to Nginx uising two different certs. The
>   problem is that both sites are pulling the one cert.  I have each of them
>   served on 443 and serving their own domains.  Just like i would think port
>   80 to work with multiple sites but its not.  Is there another port i
>   should use for the second instance say 444 ? and just action that in rails
>   ?  anyone experience similar ?
>   Chris

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