syslog support for nginx

Ed W lists at
Thu May 29 21:18:01 MSD 2008

Marlon de Boer wrote:
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> Marlon de Boer wrote:
> | At my work we use syslog to maintain all logs on a central place. We 
> really missed the syslog support in nginx so I created a patch which 
> allows syslog logging. Patch was diffed against 0.6.31, but also 
> applies to 0.6.29 and 0.6.30.
> |
> Please do not use the previous posted patch because it contains a bug 
> with buffer allocation. I've attached a new one that solved the issue. 
> I used strncpy() and calloc() in my patch, which according 
> documentation should be portable between most unix systems.
> You can enable syslog support via the configure script using 
> --with-syslog.
> Regards,
> Marlon de Boer
> System administrator

Igor, any chance of this appearing in a future nginx release please?

Ed W

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