Script to spawn php5-cgi to enable Nginx to serve PHP code/pages

Mark Alan varia at
Thu Nov 6 14:19:35 MSK 2008

Phillip B Oldham wrote:
>> How do you set them up? Are you using Ubuntu or a Debian based Linux?
>> Could you post example scripts on how to set up the Unix domain sockets?
> `/usr/bin/php-cgi -q -b unix:/tmp/php-fastcgi`
> That's all you need. Rather than speficy "ip:port", specify 

 From an Ubuntu 8.04 LTS server (Debian based):

# /usr/bin/php-cgi -q -b unix:/tmp/php-fastcgi
Cannot bind/listen socket - [2] No such file or directory.
Couldn't create FastCGI listen socket on port unix:/tmp/php-fastcgi

Doing a touch /tmp/php-fastcgi before issuing the command has no effect 

> "unix:socketpath"
>> Do you have any pointers to papers or other work about comparative 
>> speed testing?

This starts looking good. That page has several links to interesting 
reference material. Thank you.


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