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Mon Nov 10 19:31:55 MSK 2008

Changes with nginx 0.7.20                                        10 Nov 2008

    *) Changes in the ngx_http_gzip_filter_module.

    *) Feature: the ngx_http_limit_req_module.

    *) Bugfix: worker processes might exit on a SIGBUS signal on sparc and 
       ppc platforms; the bug had appeared in 0.7.3.
       Thanks to Maxim Dounin.

    *) Bugfix: the "proxy_pass http://host/some:uri" directives did not 
       work; the bug had appeared in 0.7.12.

    *) Bugfix: in HTTPS mode requests might fail with the "bad write retry" 

    *) Bugfix: the ngx_http_secure_link_module did not work inside 
       locations, whose names are less than 3 characters.

    *) Bugfix: $server_addr variable might have no value.

Igor Sysoev

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