post_action only when the download is completed tais46 at
Sat Nov 15 02:34:16 MSK 2008

i have a problem with post_action on nginx.conf.
And sorry for my bad English  :)

User come to my page an start a download.
Now i have add the post_action and add the download_end.php
in the download_end.php i will count the download stats (write into 
That work very beautifully without any error.

The problem is now, when the user cancel the download
download_end.php will execute, but thats false!

Only when the download is realy completed, than i will open 
but NOT when the user canceled the download!

Are there any tricks?

Thank you for your help

       location /files/ {
           alias /home/files/;
           post_action /download-stop;

       location /download-stop {
           fastcgi_param SCRIPT_FILENAME 
           fastcgi_param QUERY_STRING     file_id=$file_id; //thats ok!
           fastcgi_param   REMOTE_ADDR     $remote_addr;

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