ngin goes down under high traffic

Sebastian Geib sebastian.geib at
Mon Nov 17 14:24:27 MSK 2008

Hi David,

David Pospisil schrieb:
> Please look at
> Everytime nginx goes under high traffic, it stops offering files and instead of
> this, it starts reading of discs (it reads about 400Mb/s but send nothing). I
> have to restart nginx then. 
> Linux Debian etch 2.6.24, nginx 0.6.32,
> [...]
> Thank you for any suggestion.
It might be something pretty basic. I just had it in a similar
constellation with a database server. Did you test whether your network
interface supports more than the maximum throughput your graph is
showing? I realized that GBit interfaces are sometimes already maxed out
at 300-400 MBit and when I added additional interfaces and created a
bonding interface the load went away and everything was working fine again.

Just a thought.


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