GeoIPCity with nginx

Bobby Dr lists at
Sat Nov 22 19:18:31 MSK 2008

Hello list!

I know Maxmind's GeoIP Country database can be used easily with nginx.
But what about their Geo-City database?

The default CSV database stands at > 100MB in size (and will grow even
larger if the two normalized files are merged together). For this
reason, using the CIDR format may not be feasible (due to excessive
memory requirement)

The binary file is much smaller however.

Has anybody been able to use the geo-city database with nginx? For
apache MaxMind provides mod_geoip which works on the binary file, making
it very fast.

Does anyone have any solution (like mod_geoip) for nginx? I'm using PECL
geoip for PHP and the one for ruby. But I feel, geo lookup at the server
level would be much faster.

Is there any official/3rd party geo-city module for nginx?

Thanks in advance.
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