Weird difference between nginx and apache...

Georgi Hristozov georgi at
Sun Nov 23 00:16:49 MSK 2008

Robert Gabriel wrote:
> Roxis wrote:
>> On Friday 21 November 2008, Roxis wrote:
>>>> Document Length:        1463 bytes
>>>> My simple question is why?! Is nginx losing something or apache adding
>>>> something, if there is perfectly the same image.
>>>> Im not so good at this kind of things, I just wanna know if there is
>>>> some problems someplace.
>>>> Thanks!
>>> check out "Complete requests"
>>> nginx served more ones
>> and apache is adding more http headers than nginx
> Weird, this means that apache http headers are super huge, because if 
> nginx handles more requests then it should also mean more Kb, but still 
> apache has more even if it can do less requests.
> Thanks!

If you're using mod_php on Apache, it may lead to an additional header 
X-Powered-By if you haven't explicitly turned expose_php to "off". 
Another header that appears every time in Apache is ETag (entity tag), 
but nginx may not send it when this static image is served. 
Configurations vary, so if you want to know the details, check out the 
Live HTTP headers extension for Firefox, or just use wget with the 
"--save-headers" switch.

Georgi Hristozov

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