help with nginx configuration

Dave Cheney dave at
Mon Nov 24 15:17:16 MSK 2008

Hi Rakesh,

The rules for location matching are layed out here

I think what you are trying to do might look like this

server {

   server_name ...

   include proxy.conf;

   # match exactly /top.xml
   location = /top.xml {
      proxy_pass http://apache;

   # match *.xml {
   location ~* \.xml {
      proxy_pass http://jetty




On 24/11/2008, at 10:53 PM, just starting wrote:

> Hi,
> Please consider this following scenario.
> I have 2 servers(1 jetty and the other is apache) with nginx as  
> proxy servers to both.
> I forward all the jsp queries to jetty and all the php queries to  
> apache httpd and serve the static content of both the servers by  
> nginx.
> Now the problem is there is one xml file "top.xml", generated by  
> httpd which i must send the request to httpd and also i need to send  
> all the request to *.xml to jetty(i have asked the dev team to make  
> sure there is no top.xml file in jetty).
> Can you suggest some configuration settings to achieve this.
> Right now I have tried that for top.xml go to httpd and for *.xml go  
> to jetty, but clearly the rule with *.xml overrides the top.xml  
> condition.
> My question is how the rules in the conf file processed when it  
> comes to proxying the request to different servers.
> Thanks,
> Rakesh.

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