My first question on nginx - can nginx find the mail server based on domain

Stephen Liu satimis at
Sun Nov 30 18:16:24 MSK 2008

Hi folks,

nginx is completely new to me.  I'm searching around for a solution to
solve my problem as mentioned hereinbelow;

I have a Xen box (a virtualizaion box) with following setup

Host - Debian Etch Workstation
Guest01 - mail server for routing
Guest02 - mail server, hostname01. localIP_01, domain01
Guest03 - mail server, hostname02, localIP_02, domain02
Guest04 - mail server, hostname03, localIP_03, domain03

MTA - Postfix
Database - MySQL
Couier IMAP

all mail servers running postfix on Debian Etch.

single (one) external IP with all ports forwarded to Guest01 except
port 53 which is forwarded to the DNS server, also running on a guest
of the Xen box.

Guest01 routes all incoming mails according to their domains to
respective mail servers.  All outgoing mails are sent via the routing
mail server, Guest01, to Internet.

The system is working nicely on Intranet.  Mail client, Evolution, on
workstations connected to local network, the Intranet, can send/receive
mails on mail servers.  Server settings on mail client work on
either local IP or on hostname.  

My problem is if the workstation is on remote site, not on local
network, with one external IP how can the remote mail client find the
mail server which it needs to connect.  

Can nginx help me out?  If YES Please shed me some light where can I
find relevant document on its setup to solve my problem.  TIA

Stephen L

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